IDEA Fund Partners provides seed and early stage equity funding, along with company building expertise to IT, software, materials technologies and medical device companies in North Carolina, as well as the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Durham, NC
Twitter: @IdeaFund
ExitEvent Member Since: 1.16.2012


The Triangle's Free Accelerator: The Back Story
8.20.14 -- Since Groundwork Labs doesn't charge a fee or take an equity stake in the companies that participate in our program I often get asked “How does Groundwork Labs afford to do what you do?” The short answer is we are funded by NC IDEA...

Why One VC Hates the Triangle's Best Place to Live Status
4.16.14 -- When ExitEvent asked me to write about a topic of interest to the entrepreneurial community in this region, I immediately had an idea. It's one of my biggest pet peeves— why I hate it when magazines list the Triangle as one of the best places to live.

Luck Favors the Bold, But Opportunity Favors the Present
1.24.14 -- Look, I'm not saying that you're going to walk into every ExitEvent Startup Social and find one table with those kinds of folks sitting at it. But I will say this. If you let the snow keep you home Tuesday night, you missed that chance.

My Picks for the Full Steam Ahead Awards
10.31.13 -- Last week, I took some time away from the grind to attend the WRAL TechWire Full Steam Ahead Awards, ironically hosted at the FullSteam Brewery in downtown Durham.

How to Raise Money for Your Startup
1.28.13 -- On January 29th and February 5th some of the Triangle's best and brightest are gathering together in Durham for CED's Raising the Dough Fundraising Series

NC IDEA Announces Fall 2012 Startup Grant Winners
11.29.12 -- The last time I wrote about NC IDEA handing out up to $50K to deserving startups, I put the rest the idea that it's the best kept secret in the North Carolina startup scene. It's just no longer a secret.

NC IDEA $50K Grant Cycle Opens August 14th
7.27.12 -- For years now, I've been calling the NC IDEA Grant the best kept startup secret in North Carolina. A non-profit sister program to local VC firm Idea Fund Partners, they grant up to $50,000 to six or so early-stage startups.

Going to School With Groundwork Labs
7.12.12 -- Groundwork Labs is the first glass panel you see when you descend the stairs that lead from American Tobacco Campus into American Underground, going from the above-ground, more buttoned-up professional world into the creative, chaotic, more mysteriou

NC IDEA Announces Spring 2012 Grant Winners
6.7.12 -- It looks like the best kept secret for North Carolina startups is no longer best kept. Truth be told, it was never really much of a secret, just an awesome thing that every startup in the state should take advantage of.


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