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Reach a critical audience of startups, investors, small businesses, and the people who are interested in them. Every day, ExitEvent articles are read by thousands of professionals in established and emerging startup ecosystems across the country.

Your ad should be included in those articles.

Getting started is easy. We use Durham startup Adzerk for ad placement and reporting, and offer multiple zones throughout the site, including the front page sidebar, article pages, and article page sidebars. The ads render in both desktop and mobile browsers.

Ads should be a medium rectangle (300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high) - like the one you see here, and we'll need a landing page. Multiple campaigns and flights can be run at once, and our reporting will allow up to the minute A/B testing.

We offer a special zone at $49/mo. for startups. Other zones have varied pricing based on pricing and expected impressions.

Get in touch with us at info[at] for more information or to get started.